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Kizomba Workshops & Bootcamps

Are you organizing an event, and you need someone for a workshop or bootcamp? Do not look further, you found the right place to ask. We provide quality bootcamps and workhops

Afrodance Workshops & Bootcamps

DO you want to get that African touch spirit and spice in your event? We will bring you back to Africa with our Afrodance workshop or bootcamp? Do not look further, contact us now for more information

Taxi Dancers

Our Taxi Dancers will rock the dancefloor, being it in Kizomba, UrbanKiz, Semba, Bachata,Salsa, Afrohouse..... you name it, they dance it. You will see us dancing at international festivals and events

Private Lessons

Do you wish to have private lessons at home or at our dancing locations? All is possible. Contact us and we will guarantee an improvement of your dancing skills.

Afrohouse Animation

Do you need that extra energy for that special moment at your party? We make that happen. In our Afrohouse animation, no one is left behind. We engage everyone to have fun together. It is all about creating that positive vibes

Events and Parties

Afrosession Extravaganza is a unique event concept where we bring people together. You will experience a great night meeting alike people who share the passion of dancing.

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